About Gion Shinmonso

When was it founded?
The year of 1949
When did the present building stand?
It was renovated into a reinforced concrete in 1980
Is there recently a renovated room?
Renovated 4 rooms on the 4th floor in 2009
Where does the name 'Gion Shinmonso' come from?
The name came from 'Shinmonmae street.' The 'monmae' represents Chionin.
What is the total number of guest rooms?
21 rooms
What is the area space?
500 square meters
How many employees are there in total?
4 people at the front desk, 5 cooks, and 10 room clerks, in total 30 employees
Who updates Facebook?
4 people at the front desk take turns to update
Is there a Japanese garden in the Ryokan?

About the location

How far is it by bus from Kyoto station?
Go on the 206 bus line, after a 20 minute ride, get off at the station 'Chioninmae' and walk for 2 minutes.
How far is it by taxi from Kyoto station?
About 10~15mintues and costs about 1,000yen
Is there a pick up bus from Kyoto station?
Is the shopping area close by?
Within a 10 minute walk radar, there are snack stores, and Shijo street where many shops are. In a 15 minute walk radar, there is a department store.

About the front desk service

When is check-in and check-out?
Check in is at 16:00 and check out is at 10:00
Will you be able to hold on to our bags before and after check-in and check-out?
We will hold on to your bags for free at the front desk
Can you extend the check-out time?
Extension from 10:00 to 15:00 is 1,000yen per hour
Is there a curfew?
After 22:00, a night guard will be stationed. If the main gates are closed press the intercom and we will open it for you.
Is there a carry service?
From Kyoto station to Shinmonso, Shinmonso to Kyoto station, Shinmonso to any place in Kyoto city, we can transport your luggage for you. If you notify us before 10:00, it will arrive after 14:00. From or to Kyoto station is 750 yen. From Shinmonso to another inn is 650 yen.
Can I order massages?
We have a Japanese style acupressure. The last reception is 1:00am. 4,500 yen for 40 minutes, and 6,000 yen for 60 minutes. Can request a therapist. We only accept cash for massages.
What are the open hours of the shop?
We sell original snacks and sake at 16:00~22:00/7:00~10:00 
Are there supplies you can lend for free?
Wine opener, ice pillow, nail clipper, thermometer, band-aid, humidifier, iron
Do you have rent bikes?
After a 5 minute walk, near Sanjo Keihan station is a place where you can rent bikes. 500 yen for 2 hours and 1,000 yen for any time after that until 24 hours. For details →http://www.minaport.jp/kyoto/kyoto01.html
Is there coin laundry?
We do not have one in our Ryokan, but there is one a minute walk away.
Do you sell cigarettes and snacks?
No we do not sell that. There is a convenience store in a two minute walk away.

About the phone and computer

Can I use computers?
There are two computers on the first floor which you can use for free for 24 hours.
Is there Wifi?
You can use it throughout the whole Ryokan. SSID differs in each floor so please ask someone at the front desk.
Can I use the phone in the room?
You cannot make calls outside, only between rooms and to the front desk.
Can I make international calls?
No you cannot, but if you want to make calls in Japan, you can use the payphone in the lobby.

About the rooms

How many types of rooms are there?
For more details, please look at this page
Are there non-smoking rooms?
All rooms we allow smoking except for the renovated rooms on the 4th floor. But before check in, we always deodorize all the room.
Is there a bed?
21 rooms are all Japanese style rooms. After dinner time or after 8pm, a staff will bring you your futons.
What kind of toiletries do you supply?
Dryer, Yukata, Obi, Short coat, bath towels, toiletries (toothbrush, small towel, hair brush), vault, refrigerator, television, air conditioner
Are there drinks already in the refrigerator?
It will be empty, so please use it the way you like.
Can I take the yukatas home?
You cannot bring it home and we do not sell them either.
If I stay more than one night, what do I do with the futon?
Leave your room the way it is and lock it when you go outside. The cleaner will come and your room will be the same as when you checked in.
If I stay more than one night, do I get new yukatas and towels?
We will have a new one ready for you
What yukata sizes do you have?
Small(145~155㎝)/Medium(155~165㎝)/Large(160~175㎝)/Extra Large(over 175㎝) If the size does not fit you, we will exchange it

About the public baths

When are the available hours?
16:00~1:00/Morning time 6:00~9:00
How big are the baths?
Men's baths have 9 showers and women's baths have 8 showers
Is it hot spring?
It is just hot water and not hot spring
I heard people with tattoos are not allowed.
For foreigners, we will silently permit people with tattoos, so please feel comfortable
I am embarrassed to go into a bath with other people.
Sharing a bath with someone is one of Japanese culture. Japanese people do not care about what people think about them in the public baths. So please, we insist you give it a try.
Can I go into the baths with my bathing suit?
No you cannot. You must go in after removing all of your clothing.
I am worried because I don't know how to go in a public bath.
There will be instructions in the baths with illustrations, so please do not worry.
What toiletries are supplied inside the public baths?
Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap, Soap, Face wash, Shaving cream (men), cleansing foam (women)
What toiletries are supplied in the changing room?
【Men】 Dryer, Q-tips, razor, hair dresser
【Women】Dryer, Q-tips, cotton, face lotion, face moisturizer, shower cap  
Are there yukatas and towels there?
Please bring the bath towel and the yukata from your closet in your room
Are there any other private baths?
There is a private shower booth on the 3rd floor. It is free and open 24 hours.

About the payment

Can I use my credit card?
You can use it anywhere except for the diners
Is tip necessary?
There is no tip system in Japan, so tips are not necessary at all
Can other currency (EUR&USD) be exchanged here?
No, currency exchange available here.

About the meal

I hesitate to order because it is my first time eating a Japanese course meal.
In our Ryokan, if you make a reservation until 18:00 on the day before, we can prepare a course meal dinner for you. If you are planning to stay for a few days, please try our Japanese cuisines.
Because of religious reasons, can I ask to take out specific ingredients?
Yes we can.
What kind of meal can I order right after arrival?
You can order courses like sukiyaki and vegetarian. Once you arrive, you can decide from the menu and the prices.
What is served for breakfast?
It is mainly Japanese food, but if you are staying for more than two nights we can prepare a Western style breakfast
Can I order drinks besides dinner time?
Is there an English menu?
Is there room service?
No. But we can bring drinks to your room until 22:00.

About children

How much is a stay for a child?
For more details, please look at this page
ex: children ages 6-12 is 70% of the adult price
What can be lent for free?
Slippers, toys, food, baby chair  ※ numbers are limited
What is prepared with a fee?
Yukata(size 95㎝ )/Short coat(2 sizes, big and small)/ Additional futons(1050yen)/ Bath towels
I want to microwave infant food.
Of course. Feel free to ask any of our staffs.
Is there a baby bed?
We don't have any.

About Kyoto sightseeing

When is the best time of year to see cherry blossoms?
Every year from the 4th week of March to the 2nd week of April
When is the best time of year to see autumn leaves?
Every year from the 4th week of November to the 1st week of December
What is Miyako odori?
Every year from April 1st to the 30th, 4 times a day there is a Maiko dance performance. It is about an hour performance and many foreigners enjoy it.
I want to go to a Miyako odori, where do I go?
In Shinmonso, we have the connection with the tea house, so we can get our customers tickets. However, once you order, you cannot cancel so please be careful. The ticket is 4,500 yen with tea service.
How long does it take to get to a Miyako odori center?
A place named 'Gion Koubu Kaburenjyou' a 10 minute walk from the Ryokan
What should I do to go on a Jinrikisha (rickshaw man)?
We can call one for you at Shinmonso. There are some English speaking drivers, so please tell us your requests. It is 8,400 yen for one car.(2 people per car)
Is there any place I can go out after dinner?
In 10 minutes walking distance is the 'Gion Corner.' Many traditional culture of Japan is performed at the Omunibasu such as Maiko's dance, flower arrangements, Kyogen, and Noh. Besides the special holidays, they perform twice a day at 18:00 and 19:00. It is 2,500 yen and there is English translation.
Click here for more details.

Online reservation system

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