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Eight charm of this hotel


It is 20 minutes in Kyoto Station to the Buss taxi. The area of "Higashiyama-ku" which a temples-and-shrines Buddhist temple concentrates most also in Kyoto. It is convenience very much also for traveling to where, since it is being located in the "Gion" area which has also permeated foreign people!


A small-scale hotel only with 21 rooms therefore the four front staff, and ten room clerks receive the customers in a kimono figure. Although not all the members can speak English, it was educated firmly and the posture in which are FRIENDLY and it strives for a visitor's request as much as possible has obtained the voice of gratitude also on a foreign visitor as well as Japanese people.


I am also preparing reasonable Japanese-style dish courses, such as a "vegetarian course", by the reservation by the previous day besides the formal capital dish course of 7,350 yen and 10,500 yen. The "sake-tasting set" (@1050yen) which can drink the sake built in Kyoto little by little is recommended!

Meeting real MAIKO

Hotel which a leading dancing geisha visits even in Kyoto! A reasonable and original dancing geisha plan is large popularity also to foreign people. He may be able to meet the dancing geisha in a hotel.

The Ryokan Experience

The staff thought from the wish of wanting you to make at least one recollections of pleasant Kyoto for foreigners. the charge and no charge should be included -- it is an original plan which can be experienced in slight time inside a hall.


A luggage is checked also after check-in front and out for nothing. Moreover, "carry service" which carries a load after 14:00 to Kyoto Station by the application by 10:00 on the day is received (@750yen).


It is new and Wi-Fi equipment is ready in all inside of a hall at the hotel. Moreover, a lobby can use a personal computer for free [ two set ] for 24 hours.


"handy" smartphone is a free device and an all-in-one service specially designed for guests.

Online reservation system

INQUIRY TEL: +81-75-561-8011 FAX: +81-75-561-8178
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