“Gion Shinmonso”

“Gion Shinmonso” was founded in 1951 as a gourmet Japanese-style hotel. Since then, we have been together with the town of Gion.
We cherish the heart of Japan and strive to provide hospitality that touches the hearts of our customers.
We promise you a wonderful trip in Kyoto.


"SETTAI" is a Japanese word that means to treat customers politely so that they will feel "I'm really glad I came here."
"Gion Shinmonso" is within walking distance of historical and famous sights, so you can easily go sightseeing. After the finest cuisine, please enjoy the graceful traditional culture of Japan with beautiful Geiko and Maiko in gorgeous kimonos.

  • Kamogawa Noryo-yuka (Kamo-gawa River)
    about a 10-minute walk

  • Tatsumi-bashi Bridge
    about a 2-minute walk

  • Gion
    about a 1-minute walk

  • Kennin-ji Temple
    about a 8-minute walk

  • Yasaka-jinja Shrineabout a 8-minute walk

  • Kodai-ji Templeabout a 13-minute walk

  • Hokan-ji Temple
    (Yasaka pagoda)
    about a 14-minute walk

  • Ninen-zakaabout a 16-minute walk

  • Sannei-zaka
    (Sannen-zaka)about a 19-minute walk

  • Kiyomizu-dera Templeabout a 20-minute walk

  • Chion-in
    about a 6-minute walk


Local Information

“Gion Shinmonso” is located in the middle of Hanamachi where you can feel the atmosphere of good old Kyoto. It has good access to famous shrines and temples such as Yasaka Shrine, as well as sightseeing spots. Shirakawa Tatsumi-bashi Bridge is nearby.
You can fully enjoy sightseeing with “Gion Shinmonso” as your base.


Geiko & Maiko

“Gion Shinmonso” is the only place where you can enjoy both of delicious cuisine and the performances by Geiko and Maiko. You can have a special and unique time that cannot be experienced at other inns and hotels.


The Takumi

“Gion Shinmonso”, which began as a gourmet Japanese-style hotel, offers delicious and exquisite Japanese cuisine that will satisfy you.
You can enjoy "Kyo Kaiseki cuisine” based on Kyoto cuisine using carefully selected seasonal ingredients.

  • Room Botan
  • Room Kikyou
  • Room Wakanae


Room & Facilities

Spend a luxurious time in a Japanese space while feeling the atmosphere of Gion. The beauty of Japanese architecture and comfortable modernity create good quality sleep and peace of mind. Enjoy true relaxation.

You can use the AI translator equipment "POCKETALK®”.

We use the AI ​​translator equipment "POCKETALK®", which is widely used in Japan. It supports 70 languages. You can communicate smoothly with a game-like feeling.