“Gion Shinmonso”, which began as a gourmet Japanese-style hotel, offers delicious and exquisite Japanese cuisine that will satisfy you.
Authentic "Nigiri Sushi" made in front of you is very delicious.

"Sukiyaki" and "Shabu-shabu" using Hirai beef are our specialty dishes.
We can also serve healthy Udon-suki.You can enjoy "Kyo Kaiseki cuisine” based on Kyoto cuisine using carefully selected seasonal ingredients.
We also consider the quantity so that you can be satisfied.(Please let us know in advance if you have any allergies, etc.)

Dishes are served on valuable tableware such as antique old Imari that has been cherished since the Edo period, modern baccarat and old Noritake.
Please savor the taste of cuisine while enjoying visually.

okami Erika Fujita

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Erika Fujita