Rooms & Facilities


Rooms & Facilities

Spend a luxurious time in a Japanese space while feeling the atmosphere of Gion. The beauty of Japanese architecture and comfortable modernity create good quality sleep and peace of mind. Enjoy true relaxation.

After enjoying cuisine and “Ozashiki Asobi”, you can sleep comfortably in a Japanese-style futon in your room.

  • Public Baths

    Public Baths

    The calm colors of the bathroom and the bathtub with plenty of hot water are popular. Good quality water in Kyoto will make your skin smooth and shiny. Stretch your body and relax in the large bathtub that can accommodate 20 people.

  • Lobby


    The lobby is a warm space with a harmony of retro and modern, with furnishings that have been cherished since the Meiji era and cherry blossom table sets. You can buy souvenirs at the shop there.

  • The Banquet Hall

    The Banquet Hall

    This is a large Japanese-style party room with tatami mats and can be used as banquet hall day or night. (Breakfast for your stay is served here.)