Geiko & Maiko


Geiko & Maiko

Ozashiki asobi, a pleasure unique to Kyoto.

“Gion Shinmonso” is the only place where you can enjoy both of delicious cuisine and the performances by Geiko and Maiko. You can have a special and unique time that cannot be experienced at other inns and hotels.

Ozashiki Asobi is a common name for drinking and playing with Geiko and Maiko at teahouses. It is a very luxurious experience to be served “sake” by elegant Geiko and Maiko.

At “Gion Shinmonso”, you can watch graceful dances and play games together.

"Tora Tora" is a rock-paper-scissors game played by two people.“Konpira Fune Fune” is a game in which you compete with a Geiko or a Maiko for the tokkuri “hakama” placed on the table to the tune of the song.

It would be fun to experience the game with Geiko and Maiko while enjoying conversations on " POCKETALK®"